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Tsing Hua University Student Dormitory Air-Conditioner Card Instructions

New Card Purchase

1.  Purchase new cards from the National Tsing Hua University 7-11 (hereafter referred to as the convenience store).

2.  Each air-conditioner card costs NT$250, which includes a NT$50 environment compensation charge and a NT$5 convenience store processing fee. The actual amount available for electricity is NT$195.

3.  New version of the card

 air conditioning card 


Top Up儲值機

1.  Both new and old versions (see Item 3) of the card can be used with air-conditioner readers on campus. These are located in front of the Division of Student Housing office and next to the reception of the Area 3 Girls Dormitory. 

2.  Card readers accept only NT$100 bills.

3.  Exchange trade for new version card will be serviced at the service center from 8:00 to 23:00. A new card is NT$200(amount available for electricity is NT$200). If the remaining quota of used card is under NT$20, it can be refund first. If the campus reader is malfunctioning, you can receive the service from 00:00 to 24:00. Please have your change ready.


Card Return and Refund

1.  New version card that is no longer being used can be returned to the convenience store, and the NT$50 environment compensation charge will be refunded. The returned card must not have any words, markings or stickers, must not be damaged and must be readable by card readers. 

2.  Refund for remaining balance indicated by a card reader can be issued by the Division of Student Housing during working hours.



1.      In case of card reader failure, clean the surface of the card with an eraser and try again.

2.      The old version cards (with blue backs) do not provide environment compensation refund or convenience store trade-in services.

3.      The white air-conditioner card can only be used in areas designated by the Division of Student Activities, and cannot be topped up using our air-conditioner card readers.

4.      For large quantity purchases (such as for camps), please contact our Division of Student Housing.

5.      Environment compensation refund or convenience store trade-in services are not available for cards purchased for camps.

6.      Purchase, top up and return policies for air-conditioner cards are as stated above. For any other questions, please contact the Division of Student Housing at 03-5715131 ext. 62357.

7.      If dorm card reader indicates zero balance on the card, an amount of electricity will be read and recorded into the card when the card is inserted.

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