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8/12~8/14停電因應措施及注意事項!! 請務必閱讀
一、停電時間:8/12(五)08:00 ~ 8/14(日)24:00
100 Power Outage Notice
1. Time Period: 8/12 (Friday) 08:00 ~ 8/14 (Sunday) 24:00
2. Affected Area: Dorm Cheng, Yi, Ching, Xin, Hung, Li, Shiue. Ru
3. Accommodations by the Housing Department:
 (a) Drinkable Water: There will be 1-2 boxes of bottled water placed in the lounge area for students to drink.
 (b) Water for Restrooms: There will be water buckets in the bathroom for flushing and hand washing.
 (c) Shower Water(19:00~23:00):
1. Male students in the affected areas may enter Dorms Hua, Shi to bathe.
2. Female students in the affected areas may enter Shi (3rd floor) to bathe.
(d) Flashlights: There will be 20 flashlights available for students to borrow at each Dorm Service Center,
4. Reminders for Students:
(a) During the power outage, there will be no water, electricity, thus you will not be able to use the AC, fan, desk lamp, etc. This may cause some discomfort for students living in the dorms during this time period. We encourage students to plan ahead and consider taking a trip or going home during this weekend.
(b) Please clean out the refrigerator to prevent food rotting in the fridge during the power outage.
(c) Those who have computers in the dorms, please remember to turn off your computer before the start of the power outage to prevent damage to your electronic devices.
(d) Please note that during the power outage, the dorm security locks will not be in effect, thus for your safety, please remember to lock your dorm rooms.
(e) Please do your best to obtain and use your own flashlight. Note that the use of candles in the dorms is strictly prohibited.
(f) Please unplug all your electronic devices.
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