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12/7~12/8 Earthmoving operation project
12/7~12/8 Earthmoving operation project

Campus Sewerage and Telecommunication Pipe Construction -

Construction Notification

Subject: Earthmoving operation project

■ This construction starts from 2018/12/7(Fri) to 2018/12/8(Sat).

■ Construction areas are shown on the maps below. Due to the safety reason, non-construction personnel please keep off the construction site.

■ We apologize for noises, dust, vibration, limited parking spaces and detours caused by the construction. Thank you for your cooperation.

■ Construction project will be postponed due to rain or university events.

Contractor:Hong-Guo Construction Co., Ltd 03-5752586
Construction Supervisor:Te Chec Engineering Consultants Co., Ltd
Contact:Che-Yung Wei, Division of Construction and Maintenance
03-5162285 (Campus phone:62285)
Emergency Contact for Campus Safety:Campus Security Office
03-5714769 (Campus phone:33333)

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