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NTHU Division of Student Housing
Welcome to NTHU Division of Student Housing
Dormitory Map
Dorm Map guardroom Chemistry Building Campus Green Research and Development Building Center of Innovative Incubator Engineering Building I Scientific Instrument Center General Building I General Building II Casa de Socrates Cafe Red Bridge Student Union Campus Security Office Food Court Band Shell Auditorium Chang Kung Lake Feng Yun Building Shui Mu Student Center Division Of Student Housing Wen Jing Ya Huei Ming Ping Shan Tsing Hsin Shiue Hung Yi Cheng Hua Shyr Jen Shuo Shinn A Shinn B Shinn C Li Ru

Nanda Dorm Map Library General Education Building Administration Building Education Building guardroom Music Yin-Hong SportsComplex Centerof Student Activities Second Center of Student Activities Physical Education Arts and Design Nanda Service Center Ying-Hsi Chung-Shan Ming-Feng Shu-Te Chu-Yueh